Discover Your Strengths…Go Ahead, Assess Me

Marcus Buckingham = business book mega-CRUSH
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I believe I’ve mentioned before that I am indeed an assessment junkie.  My field is often under the HR umbrella in the corporate world and we assess, self-assess, behavior assess like crazy.  And I love it!  My most recent favorite thing is the StrengthsFinder material.  So it really probably started because of Marcus Buckingham, the books he wrote and the video he was in.  How can you not smile at him?  And his accent?  (Sigh.)

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Anyway, all kidding aside, I think that the StrengthsFinder assessment has helped so many people at my work.  To me, this stuff is a no-brainer; we are all different, need to focus on each other’s strengths, blah, blah, blah.  But to others, a light bulb goes off.  So if you haven’t checked out any of Buckingham’s books or the other books written about StrengthsFinder…go.  Do it.  It will be well worth it, I promise. 

AND, need some help with your kids?  There is even a StrengthsExplorer for youth aged 10-14 and a StrengthsQuest for high school and college students.  And How Full is Your Bucket? has got to be one of the best kid books ever.

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I guess it’s no surprise that one of my Top 5 Strengths is COMMUNICATION!

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