Bandolino – This Saturday’s Shout-Out

I am business casual at work every day.  And therefore, I am in dress shoes – often heels.  Bandolino are by far my absolute favorite brand of shoes.  People thought I was CRAZY for wearing heels while 9 months pregnant.  But to me, Bandolinos are SO comfortable.  For real.  My feet just sing with happiness when they are wearing them.  So I generally look for the brown box with the pink lid when shopping.  We just recently have gotten the approval for open-toe at work so this summer has been so much more fun with shoes.

However, I tend to be much more traditional in style.  I see lots of shoes I love but just wouldn’t have the guts to wear.  Therefore, most likely, my next pair will be one of the six above (pictures from Zappos).

Speaking of…anyone use Zappos? Where do you shop for shoes? Recently I’ve been stopping in DSW or Marshall’s to find my Bandolinos.

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  1. I am majorly jealous that you can wear open toed shoes at work now. I work in a laboratory and have to wear shoes and (ick) socks every day forever and ever amen.

    I’m going to have to google Zappos. I have never heard of them.

    Also, I agree with Mary Lauren. Number 5…those are hot.

  2. Thanks Ladies! Yes, it’s quite freeing to be wearing open-toe this summer…and quite unbelievable for a construction company. But I am in a corporate office all day so I’m thrilled they changed the dress code. I’m definitely going to have to check out Zappos.

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