And Right There at Target…A Miracle Happened

Not too long ago Stella and I ran to our local Target for two items…shown above.  What?  Don’t all moms write their “lists” in crayon? 
Anyway, as we entered, I remembered seeing a shirt I liked in the weekly ad so I detoured and grabbed one.  Then I heard, “But mom, it’s not on the list.”  Busted.  By my (then) 3-year-old.  First thought?  Damn it…who the hell taught her to read?  Second thought?  Why did I give her the list to hold?  Third thought.  And who sticks to a list?
I truly never was a fan of Target until we lived in Birmingham and had an actual “Super” Target…which we don’t have here in Cincinnati.  I fell in love and it pretty much stuck even though the stores here are truly no comparison to a SUPER Target.  Currently, what really gets me is the $1 bin.  Or the $20 bin once I’ve been through it. 
So today after only spending $50 at Costco (I know!  First miracle because I NEVER get out of there less than $100.) I managed to go into a Target, look around and LEAVE.  I was in shock.  My cart was EMPTY.  They didn’t have what I was looking for and I went straight by the $1 bin without stopping. 
And do you know why?  Because I had all three kids with me.  Definitely enough to shorten a trip and get out of there as quickly as possible.  Don’t see what the big deal is?  Borrow 2 toddlers and an infant, go to Costco, then stop at Target right before lunch and naps.  Try it.  Then report back.  If you are still ALIVE.
So what’s your favorite Target-like place to shop?  And if it’s Target, does the $1 bin get you to?  I know some of you are going to camp out for the opening of the new one on Hunt Road this fall…fess up!

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  1. I actually might need a support group to overcome my love of Target’s 1$ bin.

    I don’t think I have successfully passed it without picking something up yet.

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