A Sunday of Doing

Sunday was a day filled with decisions:
Eating donuts with the kids OR Eating at the computer
Catching bugs in the yard OR Catching up on laundry
Filling the baby pool and watching them splash OR Filling the dishwasher
Creating pictures in chalk on the driveway OR Creating the grocery list
Going down the slip ‘n slide with my clothes on OR Going on errands
Eating a picnic lunch on the patio OR Eating while standing in the kitchen
Cleaning out the flower gardens with the girls OR Cleaning out the dining room
Running through the sprinkler OR Running even more errands
Fixing pretend mud milkshakes OR Fixing dinner on time
Having a dance party in the yard OR Having a fit over a mess (called our house)
I’m happy to report my house is in shambles and
NOTHING on the “to-do” list got accomplished.
But, boy oh boy, memories were made!
It was personally difficult to watch none of the “chores” get accomplished especially knowing I’d be at work today.  However, I kept thinking of this quote below that Mary Lauren pinned on Pinterest (from THIS blog). 
Thanks for the reminder: MUST KEEP DOING and treasure it!

6 Responses to A Sunday of Doing

  1. I loved that quote too! This is a daily struggle for me as well. It’s hard to play hide and seek with the kids without regret when I know there is a mountain of laundry and the dishes are starting to smell, but sometimes they can wait!

  2. Such a sweet, sweet post. I have been especially conscious this summer especially of trying to say ‘yes’ first. My automatic response used to be ‘no’ because CLEARLY there were other more important things that I should be doing…right?

    There are dirty dishes in the sink right now, but I got to watch Dr. Dolittle with my big girls. Still feeling good about the trade-off 🙂

  3. As Phyllis Diller says, “Trying to keep your house clean while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the sidewalk before it quits snowing.” Now you know why I was outside w/the kids all weekend!

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