Whatcha Might Not Know…Why I Lather in Sunblock

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I was stupid as a teen and into my twenties.
I thought being tan was cool.
Then I accepted the fact that I am fair-skinned.
And basically I just burn.
Any “color” I get is a just a shade of red.
Fast forward a bit but remain still in the past.
My uncle died from melanoma 4 years ago.
An uncle I adored.
My dad’s big brother.
An uncle who left behind a wife,
4 children (the eldest my age)
and grandchildren.
And then came more grandchildren
he never had the chance to meet.
Nor my children.
The sadness still brings tears to my eyes.
So now I’m at war with skin cancer.
It’s a daily struggle, because
I LOVE the sun and being outdoors.
And I know I need some Vitamin D.
But I lather myself and my family
in Neutrogena sunblock.
And I only use the one above.
I will rarely use anything else since
this was recommended by my dermatologist.
She told me 3 things matter: helioplex, high SPF & no sprays.
It’s one of my parenting “non-negotiables” –
heightened sensitivity to protecting my kids’ skin.
I know I’m a bit overboard about it.
My kids are doused in the lotion,
wearing the “shirt” bathing suits,
sporting a hat and/or sunglasses,
and reapplying throughout the day.
But it’s for my Uncle.
His Memorial Golf Outing is this weekend.
And I’ll be proud to NOT be sporting a tan.

5 Responses to Whatcha Might Not Know…Why I Lather in Sunblock

  1. I’m so sorry about your Uncle. That is so sad! I am also neurotic about sunscreen, for me and my daughter. Although, with her, no matter how much I slather in on she turns brown anyway. I have to use zinc on my face because I have “pregnancy mask” even though I’m not pregnant and I get brown splotches. I think its an important part of any daily routine.

  2. I love this stuff, too. I foudn it’s great on my face. I’ve been too cheap to buy a big bottle for my body, but now I just might (I do use sunscreen on my body – just a different type!). Have fun this weekend.

  3. Why not sprays? That’s what I use with the kids and myself – it’s easier. I hope the golf outing goes well and that you are able to enjoy his memory this weekend.

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