UPPAbaby G-Lite – This Saturday’s Shout-Out

So, back in March I bragged about only having ONE stroller…my favorite, the phil&ted.  And I still absolutely love it.  BUT, having three kids now, it was time for a smaller, more light-weight stroller for quick on-the-go moments.  I had three goals with this purchase: 5-point harness, not cumbersome, and not Maclaren priced…oh, and also go up above a 25 lb weight limit…so really 4 goals. 

I lucked out.  My girlfriend down south just happened to leave me a message about the UPPAbaby.  I had never even heard of the brand before.  She had done all of the research in preparation of having her third baby.  She found a G-Lite locally and was thrilled.  I say I lucked out, because they are hard to find in a store.  I called and our local Buy Buy Baby just happened to have ONE in stock on the floor due to a mistake in ordering…and it was BLUE.  We rushed over and fell in love.  Since it was the floor model, I got it for $99 and used my Buy Buy baby coupon…one of those purchases that makes you giddy due to the deal you got.  What?  You never experience that? 

Here’s what I love:  it’s easy to fold and unfold, it will hold 40 lbs., the seat pad is removable and washable, it still has a basket underneath, it has a cup holder, it’s easy to push, the sunshade is remarkable (even an extra drop-down one),  it has a kick-stand so that it actually stands up on its own when folded,  and it’s only 11 lbs.

This is a great high-end “umbrella” stroller.  We went with the G-Lite, but they have other more expensive, more bells & whistles strollers as well.  I still use my phil&ted for most extensive trips – to the zoo, around the neighborhood, etc.  However, I now use the UPPAbaby for Henry when we are at the girls’ swim lessons, running into the dr. office, etc.

Here are a couple of pictures of the little guy enjoying the new ride:

A Kick-Stand:

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  1. Looks awesome!! And for a deal, too!

    I love the sun shade and kickstand. Too bad we’re long out of stroller-hood or I’d be following suit.

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