Top Ten Items You’ll Find in My Van

So now-a-days my van is more like an RV…we could probably live out of it due to the supplies you’ll find inside.  Here’s my Top Ten for the week – a list of what you will find in the mini on any given day:

  1. Food.  I have a stash of kid-friendly and mommy-friendly items in one compartment in case we are ever in need of a snack.  The kids and I are known to get a little unbearable grumpy if hungry.  Apple sauce pouches, granola bars, apple/pear chips, and fruit strips seem to do best in all weather conditions.
  2. Wipes.  What aren’t wipes good for?  There’s at least a small pack in there at all times.  Have to watch the heat in the summer so that they don’t dry out.
  3. Emergency kit.  Not the jumper-cable type.  No, instead I have one of those HUGE Ziploc big bags in the back of each car.  Inside of it is a sample pack of wipes, 1 diaper, 1 pull-up, 1 pair of panties, and an extra outfit for each kid and an extra t-shirt for Andy or me.  Sounds silly and ridiculously over-planned, but there are many times that we’ve left the house and later asked “Where’s the diaper bag?” and needed that emergency kit.
  4. Hand sanitizer.
  5. Stroller.  Recently it’s the UPPAbaby I talked about on Saturday.
  6. Entertainment for the kiddos.  We keep a stash of small toys and books in the car for the kids.
  7. Pacifier. 
  8. Books on CD.  These are for me.  I sometimes find myself really irritated that the kids are with me and I can’t continue the story.  I have to make sure I turn it off before the kids get in.  The other day the car turned on and after a few minutes I heard “Get the HELL out of here momma” playing over the speakers.  I hadn’t realized it was still playing but immediately hit OFF when I heard HELL and Stella said, “Can we turn that back on?  I really like it.”
  9. Chai tea money and gift cards.  I keep all of our restaurant/coffee gift cards in the car along with a stash of singles for Starbucks.
  10. Umbrellas.  I literally couldn’t think of a #10 and just walked out to the garage.  Umbrellas.  Yep, 2 in the car.  A boring #10, but that’s all I’ve got.

What’s in your car?  Anything you never leave home without?  Once again, I’m linking up with oh Amanda….check out the other great Top Ten Lists by clicking below:

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    9 Responses to Top Ten Items You’ll Find in My Van

    1. Great post!

      I need to start keeping gift cards in the car. We always end up forgetting them at home, especially our Starbucks ones.

      Stopping by from the Top Ten Tuesday linky!

    2. I love the emergency kit idea, a little easier now that I don’t have peeps in diapers though. I also keep wipes in the car, but I use the antibacterial ones that are in the plastic bottles (Handi-Wipes) they stay wet even in the heat. I also keep a small emergency first aid kit and plastic bags….just in case puking ever ensues!

    3. Found you via Ohamanda!!! Love this!!!! I did one awhile back on top ten things to do in carline-hahaha! :o) I will be following you,love your blog!
      xo Marissa

    4. We usually have a coupon book for dinners out and sometimes our zoo and museum passes so that we don’t forget it.
      If you keep your gift card and singles in the car, remind me where you are parked. Just kidding.

    5. I always keep a blanket in the car, too. In the summer it can be whipped out to use for diaper changing (when you can’t do the job on the front seat!)or picnicking or for when your headed home late and it’s chilly and someone wants to snooze. In the winter, it gets shared all around especially on Sundays when the girls are in their skirts and tights and it’s brrrrrr! outside! Oh, and a map, a pencil or 2 (pens can freeze and not work) and paper…you never know when you will need to leave a note on your buddies windshield or door or when you will need to make the impromptu shopping list!

    6. Our “Throw up bucket” has saved me from having a huge cleaning job at least twice in the car! It’s a cheap small grau bucket from Lowe’s that the sell in the paint dept.

      And paper towels.

      And a travel potty.

      And a stash of sugar-free suckers in a cheap-o zip-up makeup bag to keep them orderly.

    7. Well, now I feel unprepared…..kidding! I only have items 2, 4 and 6 in the car. Wipes, hand sanitizer and kid entertainment (coloring container thingy). I never have extra clothes anymore – if they get wet or dirty they just have to deal and hopefully will not get wet or dirty next time (terrible right?) Same goes for me though. I’m crazy about a clean, minimalistic van though….I’m sure your’s is organized nicely however!

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