Pinterest & Blogging – This Saturday’s Father’s Day Shout-Out

Happy Father’s Day weekend!  This year I must say, I put a really cute gift together for Andy from the kids.  Yesterday’s blog post was about the gift from me…BEER.
Well, thanks to both Pinterest and the June & Bear blog, I put together the gift from the kiddos...a framed photo and a book to go along with it.  I saw the framed photo idea on Pinterest, but it originated HERE on Twinkle Toes.  And then I saw June & Bear’s Father’s Day Gift Book and altered that idea because I had a lot of photos left from the “D”, “A”, “D” project but I didn’t have enough creativity time to do what she did.
Here are some shots of the inside of the book:
Question: What do you like to do with daddy?
Yes, Charlotte answered “Not hit…Not brush/pull daddy’s hair”.
Daddy’s favorite food?  PIZZA!

Where do you like to go with daddy?
Charlotte: McDonald’s to see the chickens, but not going to be scary

So if you are not on Pinterest or reading the great blogs that are out there,
then you are probably spending more valuable time with your family than I am
really missing out on some great ideas!

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  1. I LOVE this!!! How cool! I was a terrible wife/mom and didn’t do much at all for the dh for father’s day. I had a few ideas similar to what you did (but not quite as cool) but I never found the time to make them happen. Alas, I AM giving him another child here very soon, so this year, THAT will have to be my gift. Sigh… of these days

  2. My hubby would get a kick out of a book like this for Father’s Day or even Christmas. I wonder if I could do something similar for the grandparents as well. Excellent idea!

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