Whatcha Might Not Know…the Pre-Party

<Whatcha Might Not Know are Wednesday posts that are just that…something quick that you may or may not know about me, my family, my neighborhood, my city, my world, etc.>

Last week I talked about Andy’s marriage proposal.  Feel free to go back and check that out first.  This week…the pre-party.  Due to all of the wedding planning chaos, we decided that the best thing for us was to completely forget the big formal wedding idea and just have a small intimate wedding in Andy’s home town.  BUT we still wanted to celebrate with the larger guest list we had originally put together at the beginning of the planning.  So we did have a “pre-party” with our closest friends. 

BUT, not your typical bachelor/bachelorette event.  One Saturday that May a group of girls went to paint pottery while a group of guys went to shoot paintballs.  Then we met up for dinner and drinking.  I have LOTS of fun pictures of those events and really enjoyed flipping through them tonight in this old thing called a PHOTO ALBUM.  Ha!  Don’t freak out my close friends…I only post photos here if I have your approval.  So since I haven’t contacted you…you are not shown below!  Since these are old scanned photos, I thought the polaroid frames were appropriate.

We ended the night sitting at Skyline at 1 AM…because that’s what a good drunk Cincinnatian does.  It was one of the best days I can remember from my past.  Andy and I were glad to have supportive friends who actually weren’t even being invited to the big day…more on the actual wedding and reception next week!

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