Whatcha Might Not Know…Beer & Stella

<Whatcha Might Not Know are Wednesday posts that are just that…something quick that you may or may not know about me, my family, my neighborhood, my city, my world, etc.>

Confession.  I am a beer snob.  Seriously.  I am not proud of this and it just pains the frugal side of me.  I am no longer a cheap bar date (although the number of drinks has definitely lessened!).

And I blame my husband.  He loves beer.  And many different kinds.  Any given day you’ll find a wide variety stocked in our basement fridge.  Whenever we plan a vacation, we look to see how far away a brewery is from the destination.  We once spent a weekend in San Antonio and drove 2 hours just to tour the Shiner brewery.  We drink all the Yuengling we can while in Ft. Lauderdale visiting my dad.

I used to drink Bud Light or Miller Light.  Long ago.  Now it tastes like watered-down YUCK.  Then I switched to Amstel for a long time.  And I even tried a Guinness, but it was too dark.  However, I did actually enjoy the one served at the Gravity Bar in the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin…the real deal.  Then we went to Belgium and the cherry kriek Belgium beer was fabulous.  So my love of beers and variety of beers grew.

Then I got pregnant.  And if a girl, we chose to name her Stella.  Then I went to a Christmas party while pregnant and in walked someone with a 6-pack of…STELLA.  I turned to Andy, “We’re naming a girl after a BEER?”  He replied, “Yep, and you’ll love it.”  And I did.  I met the beer before I met my daughter and now I adore them both.

Now I also love me a fine glass of red wine.  But that’s a post for another Wednesday. 
And you, what’s your drink of choice?  Beer?  Wine?  Red or White?  Cocktail or Mocktail?  Pepsi or Coke?  Fess up and pick your poison.

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  1. Hi! Love this entire post. I like to think of myself as a beer snob in training… but I’m on my own because my husband hates beer (he has other qualities that made me overlook this fault when I was considering his offer for matrimony). I actually had Stella for the first time last Monday and I really loved it. Might be my new fave!

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