Top Ten Reasons to Say We Are a Family of FIVE…and will stay one!

So last Tuesday I posted my Top Ten Reasons to Have Baby #4.  Click HERE and read it first if you didn’t already or have forgotten the reasons.  Go on…I’ll wait…it’ll only take you a minute…

What was I thinking???  Four?  AM I INSANE?  Of course not, I’m just TIRED. 

So here are my Top Ten Reasons to Just Say “NO” to Baby #4:

  1. I’m all out of Baby Names.  I loved My 3 Little Birds post on Names With No Babies.  I can happily say that I don’t have any of those anymore!  A dear friend is helping me with some closure on my last girl name…so glad she is using it.  And I always hated boy names anyway – at least the ones that weren’t already taken by close friends and family.  Henry’s lucky to have a name!
  2. I am finally feeling like I have my body back.  Although the physical demands of toddlers and an infant might permanently damage it in the long run.  However, I am no longer an incubator nor a food source and I fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes…I’m thrilled.
  3. We normally sleep through the night now.  However, this streak is never long with three kids…someone is always sick, scared or wetting the bed.
  4. I’m already setting my alarm for 4:30 AM each day to accomplish simple things…laundry, paying bills, cleaning up the house, unloading the dishwasher, etc.  For all who think I’m CRAZY…I don’t usually stay up past 9:30/10:00.
  5. We are already paying an armload for swim lessons for 2 kids…double that?  No thanks.  I can’t imagine extra-curricular costs for 3 kids once Henry gets a bit bigger…but a fourth?  And the added cost of time, carpooling, etc.?  Yikes.
  6. There is currently one seat left in the van and at the table for a grandparent/guest.
  7. Twins run in my family.  Crazy shit happens.  My luck = party of seven would occur.  Enough said.
  8. We are on a 3-month countdown until NO MORE baby food or bottles.  And I HATE this feeding phase.
  9. Daycare costs with FOUR would be insane even though Stella would be in kindergarten part of the day.  Without Nutmeg’s set-up (staying home but also having some help – read her story HERE), I think I’d really go crazy as a full-time SAHM.
  10. Have I mentioned lately that I’m EXHAUSTED?  TIRED?  Already struggling to balance my time between three kids?

Actually, I’ve just come to the realization that it is actually ok to be mainstream.  Everyone seems to be having 3 kids lately…”3 is the new 2″ I’m told.  And who wants to be mainstream?  Apparently I do.  For once.  The three I have are an ABSOLUTE blessing, but I’m closing up the shop.  Why mess with a good thing?

Top Ten {Tuesday}

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  1. Oh you are too funny! I commented on your post last week about having another! Love this post as well..especially the “closing up shop” part..made me laugh!

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