McAlister’s – This Saturday’s Shout-Out

Last weekend we all packed into the van in the rain to run over to the buy buy Baby store…I’d never been in there and they had ONE stroller in stock that I was interested in (that you can normally only get online) so I had to rush over to see it.  (More on the stroller next week – LOVE IT!)

Afterwards we decided to all go out to lunch.  We were unprepared…we didn’t even have a diaper bag with us.  That’s what happens when the third kid comes along.  So we found a diaper for Henry in the van and ran into one of the grocery stores for some baby food for him.  I happened to have a spoon in my purse…again, this happens when you have 3 kids.

We decided on McAlister’s.  A favorite of mine that I got introduced to when we lived in the south.  We hadn’t taken the kids yet so I wasn’t sure about their kids menu.  I know some people HATE kids menus.  We go out to eat as a family so rarely that I don’t mind the kids menu. 

We LOVED it!  The girls got a grilled cheese and a turkey/cheese and shared them.  One got chips and the other got fruit (again to share) which I would change to applesauce in the future…the fruit was NOT great.  “Fresh” had to mean “fresh from the can” from its look and taste.  I had my favorite there – chicken tortilla soup (it’s got a KICK) and 1/2 turkey melt.  The service was awesome.  I love how although you order at the counter, they still bring you your food and constantly check on you.

Where are your favorite places to take the kids to eat?

Now we are getting all set for our Dinner that Would Kill Your Kids…tomorrow’s post will be dedicated to that.  Well, I guess if we are still here.  The dinner may kill the kids, but will any of us even make it past 6 PM or will Doomsday arrive?  Stay tuned...

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