I Spy…Bicycles!

This afternoon at Costco I spied something SPECTACULAR:

Bicycle Jammies! 
I mean, seriously, check out those baby boy pj bottoms:

And in the cart they immediately went.
See, I’m a SUCKER for bicycles. 
LOVE promoting them in any way possible.
Check out the newest t-shirts I bought myself:

And this shirt I found on clearance awhile ago for Stella…
that will fit her when she’s probably 8:

Yep, that’s a BICYCLE PEDAL:

And this planter I just found this week:

And even the kids’ books we read:

I’m definitely seeing a pattern around our house.
Now to find time to remove the layers of dust from my actual bike…
and go out and ride it.

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  1. I got my husband a spine neutral bike for our anniversary (he’s had two back surgeries in five years). Some day we might all get to ride together as a fam.

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