Busted…The Jig is Up

Not only is today my 10th Wedding Anniversary, but it’s also my BIRTHDAY!  First thing this morning I received a great hand-made card from the kids…with all three hands traced as signatures.

Age?  Well, I’ve been 28 for 7 years now.  HA!  The problem great thing about this is that Stella has believed I was “28” and always referred to it for years as long as she knew that I had an age…”My mom is 28″  or “Mom, when I’m 28…” or “I’ll get a boyfriend when I’m 28” blah blah blah. 

Well, I’m busted.  I hadn’t counted on her saying this, “Mom you are 29 now!”  WHAT?  NO!  Why did she have to learn how to count?  Why did we focus so much with her that she will become the “next number” on her birthday…”Now you are 3, but you add one on your birthday to be 4″.

Geesh.  So the dilemma now is do I keep lying teasing?  Or how do I explain that I went from 28 to 35?  Knowing her she’d do the math and try to turn “10” this summer.  Hmmmmm……..

Good thing I’ve learned a lesson…don’t lie to children enjoy your 20s for as long as you can because they will eventually end no matter how hard you try to extend them.

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