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Blog Challenge Day 27: Pets
Andy and I both grew up having a dog at home.  And then in high school I also lived on a farm with farm dogs, barn cats, horses, etc.  However, neither one of us wants a pet of our own.  Too much work and too much hassle and too much shedding pet hair and too much feeding, etc.  Just not our thing.  And I believe my children can still learn responsibility WITHOUT having a pet that mom always ends up taking care of anyway.

So, if you’ve read my “About” page…you know that Buster-puppy is our only dog:

And there’s no photo of the “cat” named Peddiro since it’s imaginary, but still a consistent member of the family.
But, we also got a “fish aquarium” last Christmas. 
It was a gift for Charlotte and lives in our kitchen:

And the fish do “swim” around and around the “tank”:

Definitely my kind of pet…due to the “on/off” switch:
What pets do you have?  Dog-lover?  Cat-lover?  Horses?  Fish?

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  1. We have a dog and can’t imagine it any differently. After all, who would clean up the floor after dinner if not for Grady 🙂
    We also have fish. We obviously have those to teach kids about death and dying.

  2. We have a yellow plastic dog with black ears and a black tail on wheels whose name is Max. His tail wags as he rolls and the girls walk him often with a ribbon leash connected to a c-clamp from the tool toy kit which makes me laugh. He does not shed, poop on the floor, require baths, expensive vet. trips, time outside to play, a kennel or sitter when we travel or attention – thus, we are in love! At this point in our lives he is the bomb. Once the kids are grown and gone we might be ready to potty train yet another living creature and care for it’s needs daily. NOT NOW!

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