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Blog Challenge Day 13 – Goals
It’s funny that this one happened when it did.  See June & Bear posted her 20 by 20 on Monday.  So that had me thinking goals already!  I actually got out a nice clean sheet of white paper and started my own 20 by 20 – what a great idea I thought.  I even calculated the kids’ ages – 13, 11, & 10 in 2020.  WOW.  I just knew the goals would be easy to create…so wrong.  After all day…I came up with three.  THREE?  Three.  What can I say…I was home with a sick kid and sleep deprived.  My goals for the day consisted of 1) caffeine 2) get Stella & Henry to daycare 3) keep Charlotte entertained 4) remember to pick up Stella & Henry. 
But I haven’t given up.  I’m slowly adding to the list.  One of my main goals is for us to continue eating healthy and balanced at home.  This includes introducing new foods and recipes to our meal rotation.  Above is a photo of the girls trying the Green B.E.A.N. oranges…and they were SUPERB.

So whatcha might not know is that I have a Recipe Blog.  However, I started it not to share recipes.  But to selfishly be able to pull up my own recipes anywhere, anytime.  I often head to the grocery after work…and need to remember what ingredient goes in this or that.  So now I can look them up no matter where I am!  The only way a recipe makes it onto that blog is if I’ve actually cooked, baked, put together the dish myself and it passed the will-eat-it-again by the hubby.

I’ve gotten some new recipes from blogs I’ve recently come across and hope to try them out soon.  If I come across favorites, I’ll be sure to mention them here and link them up.  Check out My Three Little Bird’s What’s for Dinner…she does these regularly on Mondays.

I also have a “family” blog that isn’t exactly public.  It’s a place where I post pictures and videos of the kiddos for family and friends.  I really think my dad is the biggest viewer since he’s in Florida and sees the kids in person the least! 

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