Here Comes Peter Cottontail, But How?

So our Internet is down at home and luckily I have an iPad on loan. So this will be short and sweet and without a photo for now.

How does the Easter Bunny work at your house? Here’s how “he” operates at ours:

The girls actually left their baskets out tonight for the bunny to come get until Easter. Our kids have been playing with the baskets a lot and I really want to put them all together sometime tomorrow while they are at my mom’s…not after bed. So they were actually excited to leave them out tonight.

The bunny brings small toys, stickers, etc. and a small chocolate bunny and a couple of chocolate eggs. Not much candy at all. I need to raid my gift closet to see what $1 bin items I’ve stashed away. Henry’s getting a beach towel. I think I have some princess jewelry and gardening gloves (per request) for the girls.

The bunny doesn’t come overnight…he stops by while we are at church Sunday morning. This gets us out the door to church quickly…and is a great threat at mass to stay well-behaved…or else the bunny may not visit. Mommy is always forgetting something once everyone is in the car anyway…so when I run back in to put out the baskets…no big deal so far.

The bunny doesn’t hide the baskets nor eggs. We do a couple of different egg hunts – neighborhood, friends, and a family one before Easter dinner at my aunt and uncle’s…but none at our house yet.

And you? How does it work at your house? How do you in corporate the real reasons for Easter with toddlers? What does the bunny bring? Egg hunts? Hidden baskets? Share your traditions!

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  1. I feel like we still don’t have a firm Easter tradition in place. Sometimes we’re home, sometimes in Indiana, sometimes in Ohio. The consistent ingredients are mass, an at-home egg hunt, a toy or two for the kids, and as many Starburst jellybeans as possible!

    My hubby and I will hide the eggs before we go to bed tonight, I think. I can tell you that the kids will continue hiding and “finding” the eggs until I get frustrated from stepping on them and permanently hide them.

  2. We sit out the baskets sort of like stockings for Santa. They are filled when we wake…a little candy and a little toy-like loot. Pretty dresses, church, and we eat with family sometime on Easter Sunday. Egg hunts happen sometime that day. I fake like I like to dye eggs, but I think it is a waste because most of us won’t eat the eggs. (I am off to get dye today, BTW).
    As a kid, the Easter bunny always brought me a new batting glove for softball and a brand new Easter dress was hanging on my basket (which was hidden along with eggs). Then we drove to my mom’s hometown and had lunch at or near the cemetary of my ancestors (weird, I know).
    Happy Easter all.

  3. We set out our basket the night before and the bunny fills it and hides it. This year he is leaving clues to its location, instead of a scavenger hunt (he’s a busy bunny and doesn’t have the energy to come up with a scavenger hunt!) She wakes up and does the egg hunt and treasure hunt and then Easter is kind of over for us. I will be making a special dinner this year and we might go to a movie.

  4. We also leave out Easter baskets (they are actually buckets with each kids name on them…used throughout the rest of the year to house crap on the steps that needs to be taken up to that child’s room). This year the buckets were each filled with an umbrella, a movie, flip-flops, toothbrushes, candy, and random $1 items. We also hide eggs for each child…the Easter bunny leaves a note indicating which color egg each child gets to hunt for…that way they all get the same number of eggs.

    Also, every year on Easter our friends Andy and Tricia park in our driveway when they visit their relatives who live on our street. It’s a nice little treat to see them:)

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