Hair Bow Party Favors and Blog Party Updates

A few weeks ago a friend decided to go with a Spring Fling theme for
her 3-year old’s upcoming 4th birthday party. 
She sent me the picture of this plate that she chose to use: 

So…for her party favors, I created these flower hair bows:

Not too bad, right? 
Her eldest willing be having her birthday party in June
 and is considering a flip-flop theme.
Maybe she’ll choose one of these:

I’ve been having fun blog hopping due to the
Ultimate Blog Party and the normal Boost My Blog Friday.

Here are some things I’ve found:

I may just have to try this Creamy Fusilli recipe soon.

Although I don’t have time to add one more thing
to my internet hobbies…
Pinterest sounds very interesting.

A Book Wreath sounds like the perfect craft for someone that
hosts a lot of Book Clubs (you know who you are).

I love this Eat Sleep Necklace…not sure if I’d add “craft” or “blog” to it!

And finally…I LOVE this definition of a “lazy” mom.

Oh!  Blog Challenge Day 3: Who was your first love?

Instead of a person, my mom would tell you that
my first love was cold, hard cash.
Apparently I called my pacifier “money” – no joke.

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