Blog Challenge: Lilac Bush

Blog Challenge Day 25: Favorite Memory

Not exactly a memory…but something that means a lot to Andy and helps us remember his grandmother…

2006: We had brought part of Andy’s grandmother’s lilac bush with us to Birmingham and planted it in the yard of our very first house. When we moved from B’ham back to Cincinnati in ’06 Andy dug it up and we brought it with us! We planted it on my mom’s farm since we didn’t have a house yet.

2009: It bloomed for the first time since being transplanted. It was still at my mom’s.

2010: We transplanted it once again to our house and it survived!

2011: It looked so great right before it was going to bloom:

And it did bloom…but no photo because it RAINED.  And then it rained more and then the rain and wind came stronger and knocked the hell out of it.  It still smells yummy, but the flowers are not looking so good (most of the petals are on the ground):
I have a small sad-looking bunch in a vase on my kitchen island just to get that smell.  Maybe next year it won’t take such a beating!

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