3 Wishes

Wish #1 – No more Blog Challenge!

No, I assume if I really did get 3 Wishes, I’d ask for things for my children – health, happiness, children of their own, long lives, travels, good jobs, etc.  Or things to better the world – help for the tornado devastation in Alabama, feed the poor, house the homeless, etc.  However, this isn’t reality…this is…

Blog Challenge Day 29: 3 Wishes…

  1. The ability to only need 4 hours of sleep EVERY night.  I can do it for a few nights in a row…but then I crash.  I really could use more waking hours.
  2. The ability to rid myself of working mom guilt.  Enough said.  Or feel free to read more HERE.
  3. And totally selfish…someone to come blow dry and fix my hair every day.  Just because.

The 10K is tomorrow!  I am all set.  Stella attended the Expo with me this afternoon (after entertaining everyone at my office for 2 hours) for packet pick-up and we LOVED the pig balloon displays:

And then it was home this evening for a pasta dinner (recipe HERE)…now off to bed!  Race starts at 8:00 AM.  Wish me luck!

2 Responses to 3 Wishes

  1. You are a brave woman for taking a child to the Expo. I honestly don’t think I could’ve done it because I myself couldn’t even handle it! Every marathon John has ever ran in, packet pick-up is just that, you go, pick up your packet, and leave. Some places have an expo going on, but you aren’t forced to muddle through it to get the rest of the things that should be in your bag when you pick up your packet. I was highly annoyed! Maybe it was the pregnancy hormones, or I’m just a giant bitch. Either way, I told John that if he ever ran that again, I wouldn’t be attending the packet pick up with him 🙂

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