10K Tuesday – Final Week

It’s hard to believe that the 10K is this Saturday.  Thanks again for everyone’s support and donations.  I’ve raised $690 so far!!  That is awesome and will be a great help to our local Girls on the Run organization.  Andy and I are also looking forward to volunteering at the upcoming GOTR 5K on May 7th.  It’s an unbelievable event that always gets me teary-eyed as I watch tons of young girls complete their first 5K event.

Starting next week Tuesday’s posts will no longer be dedicated to the 10K (they haven’t always been anyway!) but I do plan to keep posting about healthier eating, Weight Watchers, exercise, etc.  (As I sit here and eat a TON of jelly beans…Starburst, of course.)  I think I’ll start throwing in some favorite recipe links. 

First up…a new creation I got from Surviving Motherhood.  We are still enjoying our Green B.E.A.N. delivery.  I decided to try a quiche with some of the vegetables.  It was a success:

For the full recipe and a few more pictures, click HERE
And our delivery just arrived this evening so now I need to plan a few more new recipes:

Blog Challenge Day 26: Picture of Your Family
Happy Easter!

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