10K Tuesday – Almost There & Catching Up!

There’s only 11 days until the 10K!  Yay!  AND I think I found a friend to walk it with me.  I’ve gotten a few 4-5 mile walks in through ourhilly neighborhood during the recent warmer days here.

WW Update – I haven’t done a great job of using the online tracker recently.  I think now that I have an understanding of the new points system, I haven’t needed it as much.  Sometimes I am extremely strong = turned down the BREAD, apple pie and CHOCOLATE MOUSSE today at a luncheon, but I’ve also been weak = celebrated my lunch victory with 1/2 box of Girl Scout shortbreads tonight while up working late.  Oh well.  Increased my fruits and veggies tremendously.  Most likely will not continue my actual online WW account once it expires at the end of May…will still follow the plan on my own.

Green B.E.A.N. Delivery Update – Got our second delivery today.  Again everything looked great.  And we used all of the stuff from last week.  The girls were excited to try a mango last night and even liked it. 

Blog Challenge

Here are my answers in the moment right now as I’m up working late, watching the local weather showing storms and bad weather to come all night…

Day 16- Dream house = one with soundproof windows and complete black-out shades  (so that thunder/lightning becomes a non-issue for the little ones)

Day 17- Something you’re looking forward to = more sleep

Day 18- Something you regret = not going to bed an hour ago when Andy did; weather looks like I’ll be up with children at some point before dawn

Day 19- Something you miss = more sleep!

Night ya’ll…

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