Whatcha Might Not Know…My Dining Room on a "Normal" Day

<Whatcha Might Not Know are Wednesday posts that are just that…something quick that you may or may not know about me, my family, my neighborhood, my city, my world, etc.>

Anyone remember that episode of Friends about Monica’s secret closet

Chandler discovers that there is one closet in their apartment that has never been opened. Monica claims that there’s nothing important inside, only “feminine stuff”.   Later, Chandler finally opens the closet and finds out that Monica has her own “chaotic space”, as all obsessive-compulsive people do. (from IMDB)

I am a neat freak.  That is a fact.  However, what most of you don’t know is that when you are not at our house…the Dining Room becomes the “catch-all” place for everything and anything – especially for my craft projects.  And this is unbelievable to some of you. 

True story – A friend came over a couple of months ago on the weekend to pick up something.  She came in and we were getting her item from my dining room.  I could just see her looking around at the mess in amazement.  I laughed and acknowledged it and told her that she should see the kitchen at the moment.  She then asked, “Can I?”  She had never seen my house in that state of chaos and I think it was an ah-ha moment for her…my house is not always presentable.

Some of you would still not believe this without the following
photos taken over the past three months:

The arrow is pointing out our “thinking spot” for Stella & Charlotte.  Although I’m not sure how well it works with all the clutter at times!  I’d be so distracted sitting there…makes me wonder how much thinking actually goes on.

Yes, the Nativity Scene was still up in February.  Past Valentine’s Day. 
Gone by St. Patrick’s Day.

Sometimes I feel like the dining room is a parking garage for baby doll strollers and grocery carts.  Not too many in there today.

Still a mess!  However, a lot of the mess has “turned over” – not sure if that is good or bad.  The arrows point out that I’ve moved STACKS of papers from the kitchen to the dining room in order to have a cleared space on our island.  I HATE clutter on the island.  Somehow, I have just closed my eyes to the dining room over time.  However, I must have it presentable by Saturday afternoon for CRAFTING with the ladies!
There it is – my own chaotic space.
What’s yours?

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  1. I love that you share this! Don’t we all have a space like this?! Mine was my attic where everything and anything went and since we put our house on the market everything had to stay picked up… UGH! NIGHTMARE! We “fingers crossed” close on April 29th so next house WILL have a clutter zone on the main floor and I don’t have to care 🙂 Yeah!

  2. I love that you posted this! You know my goal in life is transparency so this brings a smile to my face… however, you’d have to hit me over the head to post a picture of my garage! 😉


  3. First, love the fact that I now know you ARE human! I have that space and I think it might be my trunk. My husband hates clutter and lack of organization, so if I have something to take back or am considering taking it back it lives in my trunk. It’s my car, I drive it and I figure its off limits (he’s not allowed to complain about this space or move things from it without my permission).

    Thanks for sharing.

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