Whatcha Might Not Know…March Madness & XU Basketball

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I LOVE March Madness.  Next to the Tour de France it’s my favorite sport season.  Although I’ve always liked basketball, I went to Xavier for 7 years (undergrad & grad) and believe my love of the sport definitely grew during that time.  I think part of it was due to the fact that I was a Resident Assistant in the dorm where many of the basketball players lived and got to know guys like James Posey and Gary Lumpkin really well during that time.  To me they were “normal” people by day and then really fun to watch on the court in action.  Even though the players change, we still bleed blue at our house.  Andy & I have season tickets.  We don’t make it to all of the games, but try to at least see them on TV if we are not there in person.  So as the March Madness kicks into full swing, we are going to be cheering for XU Friday night!

Me & the kids last November:
We started Stella early with her love of XU (photo of her below).  She goes to some games with Andy, watches the games on TV, cheers for the players by name and HATES when someone gets hurt.  This season she asked us about one of Jamel McLean’s injuries for weeks.  She wanted to send him a card. 

Charlotte is fascinated with the Blue Blob:
And Henry is not sure what to think yet…but at least he’s smiling!
So, what’s your favorite sport and/or what team do you cheer for?
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