Ten on Ten – My First Attempt

This is my first attempt at what is called “Ten on Ten”.   The concept is that once a month on the 10th you take a photo an hour for ten consecutive hours.  Then you post them on your blog and link them up on Ten on Ten.  The purpose is “to find life and beauty among the ordinary things of our day”.  This month I’d say I found much more life yesterday than beauty.  Enjoy!

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10:30 AM – I’m not really counting the first photo.  However, once reminded that it was the 10th, I had to head over to Ten on Ten to check the rules.  I wanted to start this the last two months, but remembered too late, didn’t have my camera, thought the day would be boring to film at work, etc.  Today seemed the same, but I went for it.  I call it My Day Via My Crap Camera.  These were taken with my small Nikon Coolpix that I keep in my purse for photo emergencies when I don’t have the bulky D40 with me.

11:30 – Figuring out how many WW points my lunch is going to cost me…and see the Photo reminder post-it!

12:30 – Logging my Lean Cuisine codes (and a co-worker’s) in order to get that free lunch bag!
1:30 – Updating my LinkedIn Page due to some useful tips in a journal.
2:30 – Flipping through my work mail.  Chuckled out loud…we aren’t a small company, but we don’t officially have an HR so this brochure makes me LAUGH.
3:30 – Afternoon snacking
4:00 – Water bottle almost empty = yay!  Notice I cut off our heads in the background.
4:30 – Daycare pick-up on a dreary afternoon.  My Charlotte connected hard with the floor today…puffy lip to prove it.
5:00 – Blog give-away winnings that I won last week arrive in the mailbox…Lisa Leonard necklace is here!  More on that tomorrow for Saturday’s Shout-Out.  (Only picture taken with the D40.)
7:00 – Swim lessons were so frantic that I forgot to take out the camera.  Here’s a shot of the meltdown on the way home…too close to bedtime.
9:15 – Day is done.  Kroger trip accomplished in the SNOW…seriously, isn’t it almost spring??

All in all, this was fun and I’m glad my co-worker talked me into it.  I plan to do it again next month.


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  1. What a challenge. I’m impressed that you got them all. And you lucky girl. My Lisa Leonard wish necklace is my favorite possession. I have a post in the edit box.

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