Rusk Flat Iron – This Saturday’s Shout-Out

I adore my Rusk Flat Iron.  I got it as a gift for my birthday from Andy almost 3 years ago (I asked for it) and it has truly changed my life as far as getting ready in the morning.  I had tried many other flat irons, but NONE have compared to the Rusk.  The only downside (other than the price) is the fact that it does not have an automatic shut-off (it’s made for salons that want to keep them on all day)…and the only downside to that is if you leave it on by accident (which I have) and it burns your countertop (which it did). 

This is what my hair looks like naturally:

Here’s how straight it looks after a handful of swipes with the flat iron:

What styling tool/product could you just not live without??

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  1. Tricia, you crack me up. I would LOVE to have hair that looked like your before pic.

    I guess I’d say it’s my round brush that I wouldn’t want to give up. You know, for adding a little volume and shape, which we with stick-straight hair, posses none of naturally. 🙂

    (Although if I get philosophical about it, it’s probably scissors that I couldn’t live without for styling my hair. Ha!)

  2. Oooh! I love your hair before, too!

    I bought a Rusk one at Tj Maxx, although it is not a professional series, it is pretty good.

    I’d have to say…. my leave-in conditioner. Makes such a difference!

  3. You MUST be reading my mind. I am in the market for a new flat iron, I almost called my stylist to see what she recommended. Thanks to you, that is no longer necessary!!
    Thanks Tricia!

  4. I think your hair looks cute all crazy!!!!! =)

    I have tried flat irons – but either I do not know how to use them right or it is because I spend $10 on them!

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