Pancake Predicament & Other Laughs

Dreary and cold Monday mornings call for a good laugh – is it really only 36 degrees??  So here are a few things to start your week in the right direction.
One day last week during pick-up I grabbed Henry’s daily sheet and folded it in half and shoved it in his car seat up under his leg like any other day.  Once arriving home, I opened his door and saw paper sticking out of his mouth.  OMG.  He managed to get to it and ate part of his daily sheet.  Yikes.  Definitely not winning “mom of the year” for that one.  Luckily it did no harm.  He started rice cereal last week and sadly, it probably tasted the same.
Saturday evening Stella & Charlotte spent a few hours with grandma including dinner.  There was an incident with the pancake dinner that caused Stella to choke a little and spit some out.  She claims it wasn’t cut up enough…I know she shoves too much in her mouth.  Overall, she was just fine, but then had this conversation with my mom:
Stella – Grandma, how many are you?
My mom – Do you mean, how old am I?
Stella – Yes, how old are you?
My mom gives up her real age.
Stella – You really should have known better.
How do you not laugh at that one?
And finally, on Sunday morning we often drop Charlotte & Henry off at my mom’s on the way to church so Andy and I can sit in “silence” for an hour while Stella’s at church school.  I got the two kids out and Charlotte walked by herself to the door.  Andy was still in the van and Stella said, “Dad, Charlotte’s so cute, we should get her a toy.”  I think she’s cute too, but not worthy of a toy because of it!  I’m guessing she said it because the day before Charlotte did get a new Ariel umbrella for successfully saying “good-bye” to the paci last week and also doing a great job potty-training.  So rewards must have been on her mind…

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  1. When I first saw that picture I thought it was the state of Illinois. I should have known better. 🙂


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