Lisa Leonard Jewelry – This Saturday’s Shout-Out

A long time ago I was reading a blog and came across Lisa Leonard Jewelry.  Ever since then I have wanted to order something, but never did.  However, I kept noticing her jewelry everywhere – blogs, magazines, etc.  I decided that as soon as I decided we were done having kids, I’d pick out something and order it with their names on it.

My friend Dianne led me to Sarah Markley’s blog where I discovered that she was Lisa’s college roommate and dear friend.  So the jewelry pops up again and again.  I started browsing it for Mother’s Day/Christmas/Birthday gift ideas to give to Andy.  Then at the end of February I was reading a post by Sarah on her blog and she was having another Lisa Leonard give-away.

I entered.


The necklace arrived on Thursday and I LOVE it.  It’s her Blessed and Lucky necklace.  And I definitely feel both of those in my life. 

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