Kid Cup Craze & Forgive Me, For I Have Sinned

Last night while I was unloading the dishwasher, I realized just how many kid cups we have…it’s crazy.  Part of this is due to our kids’ weird birthday requests. Stella asked for a Dora cup for her 3rd b-day and Charlotte asked for a Cinderella cup for her 2nd b-day – shown as Exhibits 8 & 9 below.  Enjoy the low-down on all pictured.
We are still on the search for a good Cinderella cup.  And by “good” I mean one we can open and close without using the rubber jar opener.  Anyone have one of these awful contraptions cups?  You are supposed to make sure the arrow on the lid gets between two lines for a tight seal…but by “tight seal” they truly mean even your husband won’t be able to open it.  So I just found another Cinderella cup, but it’s for 9 month-olds and NO ONE in our family can suck hard enough to get liquid out of it.  See Andy trying below (it was without success).  

  1. Love this sippy.  Family favorite.  Couldn’t find them for awhile, but just snatched up 2 more in blue/green for Henry.
  2. Great plastic cups from the Target dollar bin.  We have multiple.
  3. Our favorites are still the simple Take and Toss.  However, we NEVER toss them…except into the dish washer.  A few straws could definitely be replaced…
  4. Fun smaller mugs that we love for hot cocoa or tea parties.
  5. New tumbler I just discovered at Bed Bath & Beyond.  Not great yet because it’s not spill-proof.  However, the girls LOVE it because it has a lid like a to-go coffee cup.  They think they’re having coffee like momma.  I don’t even try to explain that I’m really drinking tea.  And the Tervis Tumbler is supposed to be indestructible and pretty sweat-proof.
  6. Cute, but doesn’t hold much and sweats and a PITA to wash with that tiny opening.
  7. Wouldn’t be a bad cup if the straw opener/closer wasn’t so tough to operate for the little ones.
  8. See above.
  9. Can’t open it without the jaws of life. 
And then there was this cup on the counter:
Yikes, I already went against my Lenten agreement.  Did I really have to put “NO” in capitals in #2?  Uh-oh.  So, yes, I went to Starbucks yesterday morning for a work meeting and due to the company of a co-worker I highly respect, but rarely get to chat with…it was worth every sip.  (And I was able to line up the new logo with the old sleeve…thank goodness!)

7 Responses to Kid Cup Craze & Forgive Me, For I Have Sinned

  1. We have only one type of sippy cup we like right now because it has no extra pieces to wash. (By the way, I HATE sippy cups with valves that have to be washed.) Everyone else loves the multi-colored pack of cups from IKEA.

    As for you, your cups runneth over!

  2. We have loved the Take n Toss for years. Still use them occasionally. Now, we primarily use small Ikea glasses, the Ikea plastic colored cups, and for on-the-go we use Foogo Thermos.

  3. I am just seeing this one for the first time…must have missed it before. I just have a few favorites that we keep in the rotation since we run the dishwasher every day or two, and I got rid of all the duds. I am a fan of the take and toss though.

    Carrie, I made a special trip to ikea last month to get a third set of the plastic cups, plates, and bowls so that we would have enough pinks to go around. The things we do to avoid meltdowns…

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