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We’ve all been suffering sinus yuck at our house this week and I’m posting this late, and then backdating!  I’m linking up with Emily again for Embrace the Camera.  It really has me focusing more on getting in the picture instead of always behind the camera.  And if you need some new music to add to your playlist, check out Emily’s at the bottom of her blog – it’s awesome and playing LOUDLY in my kitchen right now.

Here are some photos of me and the girls picking our backyard early spring treasures before the cold spell hit us this week.  It’s now supposed to snow over the weekend and I’m bummed that the rest of the daffodils probably won’t make it.

We did this quickly after dinner one night before the rain started to fall.  Love my attire?  I had been feeding Henry (apron due to the fact that he loves blowing jarred food raspberries at me & a headband because he tries to grab at my hair) and the yard has become quite the swamp (all of our boots).  I am in desperate need of one of those cute girlie pairs of rain boots from Target or Walmart (mom, you know my size and my b-day is approaching!) so that I can quit wearing Andy’s around the yard.

Charlotte massacred the flower heads:

Stella was an expert picker…running her hands down the stem and yanking at the very bottom…who taught her?!?

I LOVE Charlotte’s face in this one:

One of our 4 vases.  Normally we would have left more in the yard to look at when we are sitting at the kitchen table, but the couple that are left are drooped due to the drastic change in weather.  So I’m glad we picked, picked, picked.

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