10K Tuesday – Neighborhood Walks

I posted this picture a few days ago when I shared with ya’ll how much I love my stroller.  It’s been so nice to take my exercise routine outdoors lately and get out of the dungeon-like basement and off of the treadmill.  It’s also nice to catch up with neighbors that I haven’t seen since the fall.  Why is it that we all stay “hidden” during the cold months?!?  However, the DVR is filling up quickly!  I believe the series Big Love is now actually OVER and I’m still quite a few episodes behind…can’t wait to see how they end that show.

This weekend I’m actually hosting a “Bows and Booze” fundraising event to raise money for my 10K and Girls on the Run.  I’m basically charging people to hang out at my house and craft with me on a Saturday night!  Not sure how all of those hair bows are going to turn out with booze mixed into the evening…but I’m really looking forward to it.  Must clean out the dining room.  Some of you won’t believe it, but you can barely enter it right now due to the clutter.

Weight Watchers Update:
I have to say I am really enjoying the challenge.  Andy called me an “OAK” when I turned down both beer and candy last week.  I’m happy to report that a pair of pants that didn’t fit two weeks ago…I’m wearing TODAY!  They are still a bit snug, but, YAY!  Now just to stick with it. 

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