10K Tuesday – Motivation Is Up!

The 10K training is back in full swing.  I managed to get on the treadmill most mornings at 4:30 AM…yep, still crazy!  But the best thing about this past week is the fact that I took my workout OUTDOORS two days in a row over the weekend.  Although blustery, I bundled up on Saturday, loaded both girls in the double stroller, strapped Henry in the baby bjorn, grabbed my neighbor and her son, and headed out on a 45-minute walk through the neighborhood. 

The wind + pushing about 60 lbs of girls + carrying a 6-month old = Great workout!

HOWEVER, we repeated the idea on Sunday…but without any kids.  HUGE difference!  Our pace was much quicker.

The only other treadmill update is that I’m not sure what drama I will watch now that the Bachelor is over (I’m happy with who Brad picked, but not realistic about it lasting very long)…although the music on Glee really got me moving the other day!  Plus, I have a LOT of episodes of Big Love to catch up on…so treadmill motivation is not lacking.

Last week I discussed joining Weight Watchers  and I can report that it’s going pretty well.  Here are observations from the first week:

  • The point system really is different, but for your own good.  The biggest change I’ve noticed is that the carbs are KILLING me.  Wow is that a key factor of the new formula.  Damn my love of carbs.
  • And damn my grocery shopping.  Not knowing the formula makes it near impossible to shop for anything but fruits and veggies.  I’ll have to look into the mobile app and see if it’s compatible with Andy’s phone.  I may need it for future shopping trips and product decisions.
  • Earning points by working out every day was critical.  I like the fact that you receive “activity points” because it did motivate me a couple of times to make sure I got that workout in.  Ok, so the real motivation was drinking…”I need those points to have wine tonight!”
  • I would not make it without the added activity points or the “extra” weekly points.  Basically, I went over my allotted points every day and needed those “stashes” to stay honest.
  • I found myself still eating throughout the day…but instead of grabbing a granola bar or candy bar or bag of chips, I snacked on much more fruit.
  • I still found points for some indulgences = dark chocolate kisses, 2 Girl Scout cookies, red wine, fresh bread with dipping oil, etc.
  • I’m back to eating a LOT more salad.  I love salad so it’s not that big of a deal.  However, I’ve put a hiatus on loading it with nuts, cheese, & ranch dressing.  The biggest hurdle for me about salad is preparing it – I prefer making my own fresh salad.  I really like the Kroger Organic Spring Mix and tons of veggies.  So here’s what I was doing at 5 AM this morning to prepare my lunch and a side for our dinner tonight:

I maxed out all of my points for the week AND went over a couple.  But it was a good start.  I didn’t want to drastically change everything at the start for fear of frustration and throwing in the towel.  There are some things I just won’t give up completely (chai tea, wine, chocolate) at this point in my life.  However, more moderation isn’t such a bad thing.  We’ll see how week two goes…

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