10K Tuesday – Crafting for a Cause

So…there was no 10K training this past week.  I experienced a sinus migraine for the first time ever last Monday evening.  And it never truly went away until Saturday.  And I had early morning meetings this past week.  And it rained.  And then the temperature dropped 30 degrees.  And then Henry got sick and didn’t sleep for two nights.  And I hosted two events at my house over the weekend.  And…the excuses just keep coming!

I also fell off of the healthy-eating wagon over the weekend.  After 1/2 box of Girl Scout cookies, beer, grazing all evening at my crafting event, carrot cake, lots of pasta, lots of bread and oil, wine, chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven, I decided to start over today!

Speaking of crafting.  Saturday’s Booze & Bows fundraiser was a SUCCESS!  Not only did we raise money for Girls on the Run (click HERE to add your donation), but we had a lot of fun doing it.  Here are some pictures of what was created during our time together:

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