Whatcha Might Not Know…Starbucks Cups

<Whatcha Might Not Know are Wednesday posts that are just that…something quick that you may or may not know about me, my family, my neighborhood, my city, my world, etc.>
What is up with the picture below?
The cup on the left is how I normally get handed my cup from the barista.  The cup on the right is the only way I will drink it.  Yes, I am so anal that I must make sure the logo on the cup and the logo on the sleeve are aligned…perfectly.  And…
…the sip hole has to align as well.  No joke.  Check out that perfect alignment of the hole over the “B”s.  So that’s the first thing I do when I receive my cup…achieve alignment. 
And then I am at peace.  Even before taking one sip.

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  1. Well, this is a whole new level of crazy my dear! Although I will admit I often reposition my stbx lid so that the drink opening does not align with the cup seam – I’m convinced that the lid leaks when the two are aligned and so wish they would better train the baristas! And I do like the sleeve seam to be perpendicular to the drink opening, specifically on the right so my fingers don’t bump it while I drink it down. I guess I’m crazy right there with ya – thanks for the company!

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