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So I’m totally coming clean this week and fessing up…I hire someone to clean my house.  (This is when most of you start hating me.)  Weekly.  (This is when the rest of you hate me and those of you from before hate me even more.)  I’m not saying this to brag or one-up any of you.  Now that I’m blogging more about my everyday life, I have a lot of people asking me, “Seriously, how do you do it all?  I just can’t find the time.”  Well, there’s one big item I never have to do…clean house.  And yes, it does save me some time.  One of the agreements Andy and I made when we were deciding about how many kids to have and me working instead of staying home was that if I continued to work then part of my income would go towards someone else cleaning the house. 

Conversation went like this:

Me – If I’m going to keep working, then the house is going to be cleaned by someone else.
Andy – Ok.

See, Andy hates to clean as much as I do.  So this decision was a no-brainer.

I’ve used a few different services/people over the years and there have definitely been times when I’ve cleaned my own house for a few months in between until I’m completely overwhelmed by it and crying in the bathroom with a toilet brush in my hand.  And you can imagine from the old picture above (from last June) why I decide to get some outside help as opposed to using my own!  After 2 minutes my help “quits” to go play with something else…so I think I’ll keep outsourcing it for now.

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  1. YUCK! You could make some major bucks doing it. Now, put me out in the yard on a hot summer day and I’ll put down mulch, plant flowers, weed gardens, etc. all day long! That’s housework I LOVE.

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