The Learning Tower – This Saturday’s Shout-Out

In 2009, my dad got us a Learning Tower for Christmas (per request).  I saw it on a friend’s blog and instantly fell in love with the idea of a kitchen stool that would NEVER tip over and still get my kids to the counter.  We ordered ours from Kiddin’ Around and were extremely pleased with the purchase. 
Here’s a picture from back then:
Then I wondered if we would really use it or if it would become some big nuisance taking up space in our not huge kitchen.  Results are in and WE LOVE IT!  The girls use it every day.  I think it gets them more involved in meal preparation.  Not that this is always the case, but many nights when we get in from work/daycare, Stella hops up and asks, “Can I help you with dinner?” instead of “Can we watch tv?” 
Just the other night both girls helped us make their own pizzas:

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