10K Tuesday

This past week was tough for getting on the treadmill.  Andy was in California for 4 days (including the weekend) for work and time was precious.  I really had to convince myself to workout.  I have to say, if I wasn’t registered for a 10K, I would have skipped it. 

So here are my weekly thoughts & observations:

Still running a 12-minute pace, but up to 1.5 miles this week!

I’ve learned that you have to go slow to build up both miles and speed.  Learned this the hard way in B’ham.  I didn’t train properly and ended up with the stress fracture.

Worked from home today and was able to do an hour on the treadmill = 4 miles.  Felt awesome.  Still only ran 1.5…walked the rest at a fast pace.

Realized I never finished the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic” when I dvr’d it before Henry was born.  It just wasn’t as good as the books so I apparently didn’t even remember I hadn’t finished it.  I watched the end and it was ok.

Still watching “The Bachelor”.  Totally obsessed.  This week I really felt for Emily who had to go on a date at the Nascar track because (for those of you crazy – or sane – enough not to watch it) her dead fiance was a racecar driver.  Of course the Bachelor didn’t realize this and felt like an ass once he found out.  But we all know that it made for some good tv.  So I’m sure this poor girl was totally set up by the tv people for a good drama moment because with all of their research you can’t tell me that she wasn’t put on that date on purpose.  But then it got me thinking (as I was tearing up for her because she is one of my favorites) that if something ever happened to separate me and Andy and I was on that show…that scene could never happen for me. 

Let’s all picture it:  

I’m on the Bachelor and I’m in the car on the way to my next date…wondering where are we going?  What’s this?  OH!  An office building.  Oh!  An office with a computer…with Excel.  How exciting.  And then we’d have to do a budget or project financials or something (yes dear, I really do listen and I know it’s not that simple) and I’d get all weepy while saying, “I just never thought I’d have to create an Excel macro.  This just reminds me so much of my past and Andy.”  Yep, not sure that would get the tv ratings skyrocketing.  So that is why I totally think Emily was set up.

Anyway…what tv are you watching?  Any “Bachelor” fans out there?  If so, who’s your pick?  I’m still undecided…

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