10K Tuesday – Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

This past week has NOT been a good 10K training week.  Instead of 5 days on and 2 rest days, it was reversed…5 days off the treadmill and only 2 days on.  And those days were not great. 

A friend reminded me that training schedules never include sick days, sick kid days, busy work days, trips, etc.  So you have to be flexible and get back at it when you can.  A stomach bug, a baby waking up at 4 AM two mornings, and a weekend trip detoured me this week.  So tomorrow I hope to be back at it…step by step.

My #1 observation from my short time on the treadmill last week…glee is back – YAY!  Anyone else as excited as I was?  Anyone hear me scream “NO!!!” when the DVR cut off the last few minutes of the glee episode that taped after the Super Bowl.  Argh.

5 Responses to 10K Tuesday – Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

  1. Look at the positive – you got two days in. TWO DAYS! That is so much more than the average person exercises probably a month!

    You go, girl! Don’t discredit your awesome efforts.

  2. I was super pumped for two new Glee episodes in one week. I did DVR the show after the superbowl for fear of the cutoff. You can probably catch the part you missed online.

    When babies are still waking during the night any amount of exercise is impressive!

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