Quick Zip Sheets

These are anything but crap!  I cannot imagine not using these sheets in a crib.  Because let’s face it, sheets get dirty…and not just they-haven’t-been-changed-in-awhile dirty, but spit-up and leaky poop dirty.  AND, especially with infants,  it never occurs when it is convenient for you.  These gross sheet surprises show up at 3 AM.  The concept with these is that you just zip off the top and zip on a clean one…you NEVER have to lift the mattress.
Some moms use sheet savers, shown below.  I didn’t like that they weren’t big enough to cover the entire crib.  Plus there were a lot of complaints about the ties…too long, too short, kid could untie and choke, etc.
The only downfall to the quick zip…don’t ask me when I last washed the part on the bottom that actually goes around the mattress…I will lie.  I wouldn’t dare admit that it’s probably only been washed right before each child was born. 

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