My Purse: Then and Now

  1. Small and Cute
  2. Lipstick
  3. Business Cards
  4. Wallet
  5. $60 I made babysitting
  6. A couple of Kleenex for a chick-flick
  7. Regular Tampon
  1. Looks no longer top priority, importance is how much it will hold so that I no longer have to carry a diaper bag (even with a newborn!); also important to be able to go “hands-free” with it – can the strap be a shoulder strap?
  2. Starbucks rechargeable gift card from which I earn rewards
  3. Mitchell’s salon gift card from a year ago that STILL has value left
  4. $60 to pay the damn babysitter (although she is worth it!)
  5. Kleenex and wipes
  6. Super Absorbent Tampon
  7. Size 4 Diaper
  8. 3 pony tail holders and 2 hair bows
  9. Pacifier
  10. Boxes of raisins
  11. Apple sauce pouches

One Response to My Purse: Then and Now

  1. The Starbucks rewards card is the best thing EVER- I get soy & vanilla syrup free in every drink because of it.


    PS- Where’s my apple sauce pouch, bitch? 🙂

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