I’d Apparently Never Make it as a Nursemaid

Friday night Stella had a severe stomach ache that prompted us to put her to bed early at her request.  I got her all tucked in and then turned my attention to getting Charlotte ready for bed (in the same room) while Andy gave Henry a bottle.  After tucking Charlotte in I climbed up next to Stella to see how she was doing.  Conversation:

Me, the mommy – How are you feeling?
Stella – 1000 betters.
M – That’s great.
S – Mommy, next time I’m sick, you’re really going to have to keep a better eye on me.
S – You really need to keep a better eye on me.

Ok, the kid had a stomach pain 30 minutes ago that prompted us to leave a restaurant basically after our food just arrived, leave friends sitting at the table, come home and put her to bed (she screamed she just wanted to be in her bed).  Our attention was on HER the whole time.  Did we get to enjoy our meals?  NO.  Did we get to enjoy our friends?  NO.  Did I hate that her stomach hurt?  Absolutely!  So what the heck?  Keep a better eye on me?  As though she was sick all week and we had neglected her??

M – What exactly do you mean?  We’ve been taking care of you all evening sweetie.
S – Well, you were too busy with Charlotte.  You kept talking to her.

Yes, I was too busy with Charlotte.  Poor Charlotte who was changed into her pjs in record speed, got no books read to her before bed, etc. so I could climb up and check on Stella.  Sibling jealousy…got to love it.

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