From Cost-Conscious to Cost-Convenient

Many of you know how frugal I am. I only buy something on sale. I rejoice when I save $15-$20 on a grocery bill by using coupons. I shop the Mommy Exchange sales for toys and clothes for the girls. I love Craigslist. The Target $1 bin is heaven to me. I can’t stand to part with money without really justifying it first.

HOWEVER, I am also known to really appreciate higher quality items and convenience items (after 10 years together, Andy has rubbed off on me a bit). I must also admit that now that I have kids, I cave more often. Convenience overrides cost. Our recent vacation to Florida was a great example:

Airport Parking Garage – I remember the days when we parked offsite, took the shuttle, and had a $1 off/day coupon…go us! Last month we spent the high dollars to park at the terminal under covered parking and even paid the $3 for the luggage cart. I cringed the entire time.

Baby Items – Yep, I stocked up on things that make travel easier, but come with a cost. I packed disposable bibs. Who wants to be in an airport or out at a restaurant toting around a bib with crap all over it…not me. I also stocked up on a few of the Gerber DHA fruit and cereal mixes (Apple Vanilla something is Charlotte’s favorite). Not because I wanted the DHA one that costs way more…but because it’s thicker than most and great for feeding on the go. Diapers and wipes – purchased upon arrival. Again, cringed at the price, but couldn’t justify packing them. (However, I did pack coupons!!)

Groceries – We got back home around dinner time when our trip had ended. We decided to pick up food on the way home. I really did not feel like stopping at the grocery, but we really needed milk for the next morning. So, I ordered 4 milks at the drive-thru window (along with our other drinks). The worker laughed when I told her she was saving me a trip to the store. Although it cost me the price of 2 gallons of milk…I was glad to head straight home!

They say people never change. On the other hand, sometimes we do flex a little based upon our situation. Like I mentioned previously in my “In-Betweeners” post, I work to pay for these conveniences. However, now I’m off to cut coupons…

What are the conveniences you splurge for?

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