Constantly Conversation-less

Have I started a conversation with you lately and not finished it? Don’t be offended…that’s just how life is with children. Being a mom is a wonderful thing and comes with wonderful perks. However, having “eyes in the back of your head” also means that you are always keeping an eye (or ear) out for your little one(s). So no matter how interesting your story, I’m still not 100% focused on you if the kids are nearby.

Saturday was a perfect example. We had some friends over and I must have started a dozen conversations I didn’t finish. And that doesn’t even count the topics I wanted to discuss and never even got started. Someone would cry in the background and all moms would turn – “Is that my kid?”

Sunday I was having a great dinner conversation with a neighbor while our kids played, but suddenly someone was at my leg, “Mom, I poopy.” Conversation over and forgotten by the time the diaper change was completed. Hours later I sit back and think, “Oh, I need to ask her about that, since we didn’t finish our talk.”

Being an extravert, this does frustrate me. That’s why I really enjoy chatting with my favorite co-worker and my monthly girls’ night out dinner. I get to start and finish an entire thought. Although at girls’ night out, we are all trying to get a word in since all of us finally get to sit back and chat kid-free.

Those of you without kids, be patient with us. We do care about you and your thoughts…we just also want to be sure our kid isn’t tearing up something in the background. Those of you with kids…we’ll pick up our conversation right where we left it and will finish it some day – even if it takes a year or two.

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